Indigenous Architecture & Design: The Value of Tangible & Intangible Cultural Heritage & Closing the Gap

August 15, 2019

It was great to co-present with Marni Reti on the approach of Kaunitz Yeung Architecture to working with communities at the RMIT event at the Koorie Heritage Trust Melbourne.

It’s Marni’s first presentation with us but she is a natural and I’m looking forward to sitting in the audience next time. The highlight was Aunty Georgina Nicholson’s welcome to country which included insights from her family history. It was also a privilege to share the stage with such accomplished speakers including Sarah Lynn Rees, Jefa Greenaway, Russell Kennedy, Ryan Moroney, Mark Loughnan. Thank you to Professor Elizabeth Grant, CF and Professor Esther Charlesworth for the invitation and the RMIT team for organising such a seamless event.